Digital Art

Part two of the custom lunchbox series! This one is themed on my oldest son. His passion for computer gaming
My kids have these nice lunchboxes from OrangeRebel (not sponsored *cough* but hit me up OrangeRebel I'm open to receive
This is the second artwork created in the "Sharksgard" series. I have to be honest, having a lot of fun
Meet Sharksgard, a character based on a plushie of a friend. He seems to get himself into sharkward situations. Backstory:
started playing around with Illustrator a while ago (I am really inexperienced with AI). Had an idea to create art
I made this for my father for Fathersday/his birthday.It's supposed to represent my 2 sons (who are both Leo's) and
I love pokémon. Since I was younger, I have always loved playing the games and watching the anime. Although I
A few years back, my younger brother was really into the video game "Plants VS Zombies". This game has a
This was meant as an artwork for on a T-shirt. When I was younger, I loved going to the video


People who know me longer than today also know I have somewhat of an animation background. For the longest time
This is a frame by frame 2d style animation I did for my son's youtube channel. Although it's not the
I was bored when visiting my mother and was playing around on my little brother's laptop. He told me he
So me and my wife had this idea of creating a website where we could nerd out on stuff we