WIP: Animation project #001

People who know me longer than today also know I have somewhat of an animation background. For the longest time I have been uninspired to animate anything. That I haven’t been able to animate has hurt me in several ways; creatively, and the way I view myself as a person. I have started to pick up more drawing projects lately to rediscover my creativity. Thanks to some possibilities (some unfortunate and some a bit more fotunate, to that I say thank you dad for giving me the resources to get back into my biggest passion), I also got the chance to animate some more. Animation has always been a big passion for me and this creative flow is helping me to keep my mindset positive in these insecure times. This project doesn’t serve any specific purpose other than just making me feel better about myself. Hope You’ll get to enjoy the finished project soon! Stay tuned 🙂 *end rant*

tl;dr I made a new project animation after years being out of it. Hope to finish it soon.

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