Megaman X Fan-art/T-shirt print

This was meant as an artwork for on a T-shirt.

When I was younger, I loved going to the video rental place. Me and my brother were always browsing the games section. Here is where I first came in contact with this gem of a game. All the great memories I had of that game…

20 or so years later, I felt like I haven’t given the game enough love other than being immortalized in my memories. I also wanted to show the world how much I liked the game, which gave me the idea to make a design that would also work on a T-shirt. This would also be the first of a few (and hopefully more to come) designs I would design for a t-shirt.

I also would like to mention that I currently own the fully boxed Japanese version of the game (Rockman X) in absolutely mint condition. I am now still searching for the European version of the game (preferably boxed)

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